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Who was Frida Khalo?

It's simply impossible to provide a precise answer to such a question.

Frida's personality was so complex and contradictory that it would be said that it was one with multiple contradictions; 'none of whom would truly characterize who Friday Kahlo wanted to be.' (Alejandro Gomez Arias)

During her lifetime, Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) was known as the wife of the famous painter Diego Rivera. In her homeland of Mexico, she was later recognized as a colorful and extraordinary personality and as a brave woman with a most unique and tragic story.

Her notoriety as the wife of Rivera overshadowed her own as an artist in her own right. For years, Kahlo hid behind different masks and tented to portray herself as Rivera's 'little' wife and an amateur painter. Beneath the spectacular view, hid a much more complex personality.

This new creation of dance theater by Choreographer and Artistic Director Avihai Haham - a two-time recipient of the National Theater Prize in Design and Choreography - follows the life story of this exceptional artist and presents prominent chapters of her shortlived life.

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